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Psy - Gangnam Style (ONLY The Best Remixes)

So I'm sure you saw this video already, 160 million views in less than 3 months on youtube, I think its fair to say its quite popular! And its not even in English, its Korean! Its also in the Top 10 best selling tracks on itunes as we speak! Here's the video if you haven't seen it:

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Preview of the remixes:

Here are the best remixes on the web! Why do you need remixes? Well, considering the popularity of the song/video/dance, a lot of people will ask for it in clubs and imho, playing the original would be kinda weird. Can't wait to see peoples reaction when they hear the vocal in the club, everybody will rock the dance moves, this is gonna be funny!

Trap Remixes/Bootlegs

Dubstep Remixes/Bootlegs


Electro/House Remixes/Bootlegs

If you know any good remix or bootleg please post them in the comment section and we will add it to the post. We need at least one trap and dubstep remix :)
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Aviator said...
Thanks for selecting my bootleg!
Anonymous said...

best dubstep version by fucking far. done by ben moon
Eric Robberts said...
Added the Ben Moon remix, its a shame there's no download :(

Thanks Anonymous!
Eric Robberts said...
Drop your email here if you want the stems and acapella to do your own remix!
Anonymous said...
Best dubstep remix by FAAAAAR
Eric Robberts said...
Great catch Anonymous!

Added to the post! Thanks!
chris said...

best electro!
Anonymous said...

Check that trapstep remix..
Eric Robberts said...
Thanks for the great remixes Chris and Anonymous, I've added them to the post!
Nox said...
Much love out to Electrokill and crew!! Thanks for posting up my mix!!
scarmixxed said...
Thanks for adding my Trapstep Remix Electrokill.
Adam Carter said...
@Eric Robbers can you send the stems to ''? Thanks alot.
damon bousquet said...
I would most certainly love some stems
Eric Robberts said...
There you go guys!
Lanka Promotions said...
Check out the Sri Lankan Video og this

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