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[PROG/HOUSE] Sulfur On Pluto - Fireworks (Original Mix) (OUT NOW!)

Sulfur On Pluto's second EP on Electrokill Media, Fireworks, is certainly going to make you want to move. This young producer from Quebec City, Canada has been working hard to achieve a perfect big room sound : and we can admit he achieved his goal.

Being one of the fastest rising producers out there, Sulfur On Pluto has worked with many different artists on various labels, such as Grindin' Records, Bedroomrecords09 & Dutch Star Records. If you'd have to guess one of the next EDM superstars, I'm sure Sulfur On Pluto would be a winning bet !

Already in the featured tracks on, here's what they have to say about it:

"Sometimes all you need is a piano! This fantastic hook and simple but highly effective offering from Sulfur On Pluto is a must have. "

Make sure to check out Sulfur On Pluto's Fireworks Party Chart for the best progressive-house available at the moment!!/SulfurOnPluto

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